Geoff Sharp Engagement Terms December 2017

Fee Structure

In New Zealand, I am based in Wellington and Auckland however offer myself as a local mediator in all NZ centres (meaning I do not charge for getting to or from different parts of the country).

For off shore work, I work from Brick Court Chambers, Essex Street, London with a team of UK mediators, Tony Willis, Bill Wood QC, Stephen Ruttle QC and John Sturrock QC and a different fee structure applies. I am happy to provide that on request or you can discuss matters with my mediation clerk. Please contact Kate Trott with any enquiries on +44 (0) 20 7520 9813 or email kate.trott@brickcourt.co.uk

In New Zealand,  I seek to give parties to mediation certainty of cost from the outset and I do that by a
flat fee for each mediation session – that includes all my costs apart from matters mentioned below.

That means there is no cost to the parties for the mediator getting to or from the mediation – no accommodation, airfares or taxi and no hourly rate for intake work or preparation and importantly, nothing extra if the mediation goes late on the day – the only cost not included in my session fee is 1) any large copying of emailed documentation and 2) any commercial venue charge. I do not charge for routine post mediation follow-up work but may do so if it involves significant time.

My standard fees;
1. In Wellington and Christchurch my flat fee per mediation session is $12,000 plus GST
2. Elsewhere, including Auckland and Dunedin, my flat fee per mediation session is $12,500.00 plus GST

As a guide, a mediation session usually consists of around 14/15 hours in total – 4/5 hours of intake (including case administration and management, phone/email, pre-mediation telephone conference call, timetabling, preparing the mediation agreement and reading background documentation) with often about 10 hours running time on the day of the mediation.

Because I wish to ensure a proportion of my practice remains pro bono mediation work, I undertake appropriate work at no fee or at a discounted fee in deserving cases, usually involving community issues. If your case is in this category or for any other matters that may call for a departure from my standard charge, please talk it through with me.

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